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$120 million AUBix data center in Auburn to become economic catalyst

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This post originally appeared on Made in Alabama.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama – Governor Kay Ivey announced today that AUBix LLC plans to open a $120 million data center in Auburn that will benefit communities across Alabama by providing a technological edge to businesses and individuals plus enhanced access to high-speed internet.

Construction has begun on the firm’s new 40,000-square-foot facility on Samford Avenue, just outside the Auburn University campus.

“This investment is evidence that Alabama continues to grow its high-tech footprint and the innovation capacity of its economy,” Governor Ivey said. “I want to congratulate the team in Auburn for their success with this project.

“Our data shows strong job growth in various regions in the state, and I am delighted in those opportunities for our citizens throughout Alabama,” she added.

AUBix LLC, a firm founded by Auburn businessmen, will build and operate the secure, compliant multi-tenant data center. The facility is designed to bring technology parity to underserved communities throughout the state.

“Our goal is to provide customers with secure and compliant infrastructure to host internet applications locally, as well as significantly higher internet speeds and the choice of national/global carriers who compete for their business,” said Andrew Albrecht, co-founder and CEO of AUBix.

“In turn, that will attract new businesses to the state, support all levels of academic initiatives and research, and bring value to the communities we serve,” he added.


AUBix is expected to become an economic catalyst for the regions and communities it serves, enabling digital transformation for businesses, supporting academic research and development, and providing access to high-speed internet.

“The state-of-the-art AUBix data center in Auburn will optimize growth opportunities for businesses in many parts of Alabama by addressing their critical competitive need for reliable broadband service,” said Greg Canfield, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce.

“By enhancing the information technology infrastructure in our state, this facility will provide a spark for the future,” he added.

One key benefit AUBix will bring to businesses is increased access to global internet exchanges through multiple high-speed fiber networks.

AUBix will become an internet exchange for the existing network service providers in the area, enabling them to leverage their high-speed regional and global networks and improve the performance of internet applications.

“The additional capacity and services AUBix will bring to local business and educational institutions is as groundbreaking as when Interstate 85 was built in the 1960s,” Auburn Mayor Ron Anders said. “Auburn will now be able to better serve IT-related business enterprises and, with that, bring desirable, knowledge-based, high-paying jobs to Auburn.

“On top of that, the significant revenue this project will bring will greatly benefit our school system, which we all value. I am grateful for the trust and investment of the owners and their partners in our community.”

AUBix tenants will benefit from infrastructure that exceeds industry standards, rules and regulations for cybersecurity, healthcare and financial services.


AUBix will offer 22,000 square feet of available data center space and more than 3 megawatts of critical power capacity across two data halls with redundant power and cooling. The initial 40,000-square-foot buildout includes customer office space, conference rooms and tenant equipment storage.

Alabama Power will provide the critical power supply to the data center in Auburn and has long supported the establishment of data centers as part of its economic development strategy in Alabama.

“Technology resources and connectivity are essential for our customers and businesses in our state,” said Jeff Peoples, executive vice president of Customer and Employee Services at Alabama Power.

“Having the technological infrastructure that AUBix will provide strengthens Alabama’s competitive advantage. We’re proud to support economic and community development projects that bring new businesses to our state and help them thrive.”