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“Take 5” with Stelona Shoes

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Alabama Launchpad is a statewide startup pitch competition in which winners receive $25,000 and $50,000. Auburn has two companies applying for the competition—one of which is Stelona Shoes. We asked founder Lydia Pass five questions about his business. Here are her responses.

Tell us about your business.

It is no secret that shoes are a love language for women, but the current offering is inconvenient causing mundane issues. Not anymore! Stelona is the first season-less interchangeable shoe allowing women to wear all of their favorite styles, year-round, in one comfortable base. No more hassle, just more shoes!

Tell us about yourself and your background.

Stelona’s founders graduated in 2019 from Auburn University. Lydia, CEO, has a degree in Apparel Design and Production. She has been working on this business idea since senior year of college, refining what is now Stelona Shoes.

How long have you been affiliated with the New Venture Accelerator and what has it meant for you to be there?

We completed the 2020 Summer Accelerator which led us into the opportunity of office space when it opened last October. Having a space to come work among others similar in age and drive has been my favorite part. We all help each other out and cheer one another on. It’s the best!

What are your goals for growing your business?  What does your next year look like?

Thanks to the City of Auburn’s AMA [Additive Manufacturing Accelerator], we have been able to finalize our prototype and test materials. At the start of March, we partnered with a manufacturer in NYC to create a functional prototype to test. In February, we started our seed round, so our goal for this next year is to raise our full round to get our product produced launching a pre-sale.

How would assistance from Launchpad help you achieve those goals?

We are so excited for the focus on mentorship this year. The capital will be a great asset for manufacturing, but the mentorship and networking opportunities that comes with being finalist is invaluable.

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